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Khorgos-Energy LLP

Korgas-Energy LLP was established in 2010 in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the planned construction projects on the territory of the Khorgos International Center for Border Cooperation and the industrial zone of JSC «Managing Company SEZ Khorgos-Vostochnye Vorota».

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Kazakhstan Electric Energy Association (KEEA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To date Korgas-Energy LLP provides the following types of services:

For investors:

  1. Purchase of electricity for energy supply;
  2. The conclusion of contracts for electricity supply;
  3. Maintenance of power facilities;
  4. Issuing technical specifications for power supply;
  5. Technical support of newly connected objects;
  6. Approval of power supply projects

For JSC Managing Company “SEZ Khorgos ICBC:

  1. Maintenance of power facilities according to the trust management agreement.
  2. 24 hours duty at the 110kV outdoor switchgear Zharkent-2 and at SS 144 Khorgos
  3. Maintenance of stationary power sources of diesel generator sets (DGS).
  4. Installation and dismantling work in electrical installations on the territory of the ICBC

Service cost:

Tariff for the sale of electricity – 22.06 tenge including VAT

Our contacts:

Tel.: 8(72831)79084, 79086
Address: :Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Panfilov District, Penzhim rural district, Penzhim village, building 22, block 1, zip code 041322