Kazakhstan part
In order to improve the investment climate, the center was granted the status of a special economic zone by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 624 dated October 6, 2017.
Exemption from corporate income tax
Exemption from property tax
Exemption from land tax
Exemption from value added tax
Exemption from land use fees
Exemption from customs duties on goods, raw materials and equipment when imported into the territory of the FEZ
Refund of value added tax generated during the construction of buildings and structures
Exemption from payment of value-added tax on goods, works and services sold on the territory of the special economic zone.
Investment facilities
Temporary Storage Terminal
Multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex - 2 objects
Multifunctional trade and exhibition complex - 3 objects
Shopping and entertainment pavilion
Central Square
The City of artisans
Shopping galleries - 2 objects
Multifunctional complex
Multifunctional ethno-cultural center
Shopping, entertainment and hotel complex - 2 objects
Shopping centre
Sports bar
Transport and logistics Center
Gas station
Trade and logistics center
Exhibition complex "History of the Steppe"
Wellness and entertainment center
Restaurant complex with hotel
Multifunctional shopping and residential complex
Republic of Kazakhstan, Jetysu Region, Panfilov District, Penzhim rural district, Korgas village, building 14
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