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  • A single territory consisting of the Kazakh and Chinese parts on which a 30-day visa-free regime applies for both citizens of Kazakhstan and China and third countries.
  • Free movement of people, goods and transport between the Chinese and Kazakhstani parts of the ICBC “Khorgos”.
  • A visitor from the PRC has the right to daily export duty-free goods worth 8,000 yuan from the ICBC “Khorgos”.
  • A visitor from the Republic of Kazakhstan has the right once a month to export duty-free goods purchased in the amount of 500 euros from ICBC “Khorgos”.
  • Allocation of land at no cost for a period up to 2041.
  • Availability of ready engineering infrastructure.
  • Availability of free commercial space (rental premises in shopping centres).
  • No quota for attracting foreign labor.
  • An individual entrepreneur (only for a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan) has the right to be a member of the SEZ.